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Alloy Steel Wire – Features And Applications

Posted by Admin on August, 28, 2020

Alloy Steel Wire is a combination of a variety of elements to improve its mechanical properties. Alloy steel wire can be divided into two groups- low alloy and high alloy quality steel. Low alloy steel wire is bright, galvanized, and annealed. Its wire processing options are straightening, cold heading, and cut. Low Alloy Steel Wires are widely used in the automobile industry and construction. When it comes to diameters of low wire, it ranges from .008" to 1.25".
High Alloy Steel Wire is used across various industries. The diameter of this type of wire varies from 0.011" to 0.312". Bright, galvanized high-quality alloy steel wire is widely used in musical instruments, construction, furniture, and other industrial applications. High Alloy Steel Wire is stronger than ductile low alloy steel wire.
The difference between the two alloy steel wires is controversial. While Degarmo defines the difference at 8%, Smith and Hashemi define it at 4%. Alloy-steel wire means low alloy steel wire.

Features Of Alloy Steel Wire
• Alloy Steel wire is annealed or heat-treated and thermally untreated, according to the type of processing this wire.
• Alloy Steel wire is copper- coated and galvanized according to the type of surface.
• Low alloy steel wire is manufactured by repeated cold drawing.
• You can bend it easily.
• It has a high resistance to corrosion.
• Low alloy Steel Wire is a heavy metal
• Low alloy steel wire is sold by weight.

Applications Of Alloy Steel Wire
• Low Alloy Steel Wire is widely used in the manufacture of nails. Here the wire used is annealed, not bright, and having diameters 1 to 6mm.
• Alloy Steel wire is used as a binding wire.
• In reinforced concrete construction, low alloy steel wire is used.
• The production of welded wire mesh needs low alloy steel wire.
• This type of wire is used in the manufacture of woven wire mesh. Here the wire is galvanized, uncoated, and annealed. Its diameter ranges from 0.3 to 2 mm.
• This wire is needed in the production of barbed wire and other types of metal mesh.
• Low-quality alloy steel wire is primarily used in agriculture for growing grapes, hops, etc. Here annealed wire is used and its diameter varies from 1mm. to 3mm.
• Low alloy steel wire with a diameter ranging from 2 mm. to 4mm. is used in airlines of communication.

Alloy Steel Wire is packed in a plastic bag or wooden pallet. The wire is sold in coils of 0.02 to .2 tons. The pallet is 0.8-1.2 tons.
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